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HomePlow 23150 Auto Angling Blade w/Manual Lift[MEY 23150]

HomePlow 23150 Auto Angling Blade w/Manual Lift[MEY 23150]

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This HomePlow 23150 is 80" wide and 18" tall and comes packaged in a carton ready to assemble in one hour or less with common tools. This light weight plow is an economical plow for the person that wants to move snow quicker than shoveling or snowblowing. The up/down motion of the moldboard is adjusted manually, while the plow will automatically angle to the side with the heaviest amount of snow and when raised will automatically return to the center or straight position.

This plow also is equipped with a fixed angle pin that can position the plow to the left or right. To use the fixed angle pin, manually push the plow to the left or right and drop in the fixed angle pin, secure with hair pin and you are all set.

The Auto-angling blade that angles the blade left or right upon impacting snow can be locked in any one of 3 positions of your choosing.

Quick-link mounting system slides into a class 3, 2 in. front receiver hitch for easy on/off.

An Adjustable chain allows custom height as needed depending on the vehicle and terrain requirements.

Plow markers included to help locate the blade edge when plowing.

2 in. front receiver hitch is sold separately.

1-year Manufacturer warranty